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Why Invest in Property?

Why invest into propertyYou may wonder if you should invest into property. What are the benefits of investing into one? Here, let me share with you some key reasons: Property can guard against inflation. In many parts of the world, property prices will invariably rise over time.If you happen to buy a property below its market value, it adds even more to your advantage when you can sell at a higher...

Upgrading In A Down Market

Upgrading In A Down MarketDo you have plans to upgrade in a Down Market? Yes. I mean it! Usually, most home owners would sell their current property and upgrade to a bigger property in a rising market. This is not unusually where most home owners would be better off financially in a rising economy. But do you know? You will be better off upgrading to a bigger property in a failing market...

The difference between freehold, 999 years and 99 years leasehold tenure

The difference between freehold, 999 years and 99 years leasehold tenureThere are basically 2 main categories of tenure in Singapore. Freehold and 999 years leasehold are usually grouped together. Freehold properties are termed as “Estate in Fee Simple” or “Estate in Perpetuity”. They are almost the same meaning. 999 years leasehold means the tenure start from a specific year. Since 999 years...

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