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Why Invest in Property?

  • 2 years ago
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Why invest into property
You may wonder if you should invest into property. What are the benefits of investing into one? Here, let me share with you some key reasons:

Property can guard against inflation. In many parts of the world, property prices will invariably rise over time.
If you happen to buy a property below its market value, it adds even more to your advantage when you can sell at a higher price in future.
Property prices fluctuate much less than stocks, commodity or other investment products.
There is a constant demand for property as more people will need a place to live or now even work at home.
If you are receiving a positive cash flow from your investment property. That addition income received can further enhance your returns and security of your investment. If you are receiving a negative cash flow. No worry. The tenants are technically helping you to pay for your monthly mortgage.

Lastly, if you are buying into any stocks, unit trust or securities. The fund manage or CEO of that particular listed company make decision that will affect the performance. If you buy a property, you are the “BOSS” of that property. You can furnish it, upgrade it and so on to increase its market value.

Armed with the right knowledge, property investment can be easy to understand. The risks associated with it are manageable. Enjoy investing!

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